Twins will win the division….. or end up in fourth.

As ardent as a Twins fan as I am as I look at the upcoming season, I could easily see the Twins ending up in fourth place.  That being said I could just as easily see them winning the division in a comfortable fashion.  The days of the AL "Comedy" Central are long gone as the division now has 4 teams that could all legitemetly win the World Series.  The only thing that I think is a for sure this year in the Cental is that the Royals will remian in the cellar.  But with Clevland’s revamped bullpen, the 2005 World Champion White Sox, and the 2006 AL Champion Tigers, along with the Twins, anything could happen.  The next seven months are going to be incredible… and in the end I still think the Twins will pull through and end up with their fifth division title in six years.


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    The twins are as good as gold. We are the champions!! Did you know once my grnadma went to a Twins game that was so loud that she lost her hearing and sued the team!

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